Engagement season (and wedding season) is upon us, meaning that Village Jewelers of Frisco TX is very busy lately. We love helping our customers find the perfect engagement ring for their loved one, or themselves, but we also want to make sure each and every one of our customers has the best experience when engagement ring shopping in Frisco TX!

Check out our top 7 tips for choosing an engagement ring this year, and then stop on into Village Jewelers to see our amazing selection of custom and creative designs, loose diamonds, and more.

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Know Your Ideal Engagement Ring Budget

The first question you have to ask yourself (after ‘have I found the one?’) is ‘what’s my budget?’. Because though getting an engagement ring is an amazing experience and symbolizes all of the fun, love, and excitement to come – it shouldn’t plunge you into debt for the next 10 years.

Make sure you have considered how long you have to save up, how much you feel comfortable spending, and if you want to carry a balance or pay for the engagement ring outright.

Know Your Favorite Metal & Stones

Sometimes couples come in together, sometimes just one of them comes in – which means you have to know your (or, her) favorite metal type and stone preferences.

Does your soon-to-be fiancé prefer white gold, platinum, or yellow gold? Or do they prefer something even more unique? You also have to consider the stones – do they like gemstones, colors, or traditional diamonds?

There is a lot to talk about and decide before you ever even come into the store – but keep an open mind and be flexible, you can always change your mind if you see something new or something you hadn’t thought of.

Remember, this should be a fun experience, not a chore or stressful one – enjoy this time and make lasting memories.

Know Your Engagement Ring Size

This is a hugely important factor, but one that couples often forget about because, well, how often do you need to know a ring size?

Unfortunately, you cannot ‘guess’ at this, as a too-small ring will ruin the moment when you pop the question, and a too-large ring is a liability for losing the engagement ring.

Make sure you have already figured out the appropriate and comfortable ring size before you come in (for a surprise) or ask to be sized in store if you come in together.

Know Your Style (This One’s Forever)

Do you (or your significant other) have a specific style? Maybe vintage speaks to you when it comes to engagement rings, or maybe you want something as unique as your love. Whatever your preferences are, do a little research to see what’s out there and what you like.

It can be hard to choose just one ‘style’ for some, so consider making a list of your top 3 or 4 types. Still too much pressure? Make a list of the types you definitely do not want instead. Sometimes making a list of ‘no’ styles is easier than a ‘yes’ list.

Your engagement ring is forever, so make sure it isn’t an overly trendy style that will show age and date you in the future – custom engagement rings are a great way to be unique but still timeless!

Know Your Engagement Ring Diamonds (The Four C’s)

If you choose to go the diamond engagement ring route, then you need to know about the Four C’s of diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Here’s a short rundown for each or check out our diamond buying guide here for a more in-depth look.

Cut: The cut of a diamond doesn’t actually refer to the shape, but the angles and proportions of the stone. The diamond’s cut is determined by the diamond’s creator – no not nature, we mean the diamond cutter. A well-cut diamond reflects light from one facet to another and projects the light through the top of the stone, making it sparkle much more than a poorly cut diamond. Usually, people consider cut the most important ‘C’.

Color: Engagement ring diamonds come in a variety of colors that are graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Truly colorless diamonds are very rare and more expensive, though some of the colors (near to D) are so light they can’t be seen by the naked eye. Remember, just because some colors are rarer, doesn’t mean they are necessarily better. Engagement ring diamond color is all about preference in the end, as white (not colorless) are most popular currently.

Clarity: Fewer imperfections in an engagement diamond mean it is clearer, has more sparkle, and is more expensive. Inclusions are minerals or tiny fractures in a diamond that are considered imperfections, so, the fewer inclusions (imperfections) the better. Much like color, clarity is measured on a scale. Generally, SI1 and SI2 have few imperfections that you cannot see them with the naked eye.

Carat: Carat essentially means the weight of the diamond. The larger the carat (heavier the stone), the more it is worth. However, weight isn’t everything, a smaller diamond with better cut, mounting, and shape can actually look much better than a larger, lower-quality and duller stone. The average engagement ring carat weight in the US is right around 1 carat.

Know Your Preferred Diamond Shape

Diamond shape, not just cut, is a factor you should consider as this can change the overall style of your engagement ring drastically.

Looking for a unique cut like a marquise, pear or asscher, then you will want to tell your jeweler this and ask to see their selection. Do you prefer classic cuts like round or princess? Then you’ll probably have a larger selection to choose from.

Learn more about all diamond shapes here and find your perfect one!

Add in Some Surprise for Your Engagement

This is a tip that can be taken as far as you prefer, but it’s always fun to add a little unknown into a proposal. Even if you or your partner know that a proposal is coming, adding a little surprise can add extra romance as well.

Everyone loves a (nice) surprise – make your proposal a great one!

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