Watch & Jewelry Repair Frisco TX

At Village Jewelers we are experienced in both appraisals and jewelry repair, along with watch repairs in Frisco TX. We don’t want any of our clients to ever have to say goodbye to their favorite watch or piece of jewelry, instead, bring it in for us for in-house repairs, usually within a day to a week.

Jewelry Repair Frisco TX

Everyone has favorite pieces of jewelry – your wedding bands, that bracelet you wear every day, a necklace with special significance. Constant wear on jewelry, though, can create some issues. Maybe a stone has fallen out. Perhaps your band is wearing thin or your necklace clasp is no longer working.

Looking for jewelry repair in Frisco, TX? If so, these issues are easily solved in our jewelry repair department at Village Jewelers. We never want to see a piece of jewelry go unused, which is why we specializing in breathing life back into your old, tarnished jewelry to make it work (and look) like new again!

We offer full-service jewelry repair in-house, meaning you can rest assured that your jewelry will never leave the building and will be handled with the utmost care. We have been working with jewelry for over three decades, and that means we have the experience and expertise that your sentimental pieces deserve.

It is also important to remember that jewelry looks its best when sparkling clean. Too many people wear jewelry every day without thinking about cleaning it. Bring your jewelry to us where it can be cleaned by a professional and leave with a piece that looks ten years younger. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Your diamonds will sparkle again and your gold will shine. Consider Village Jewelers your premier jewelry store in Frisco, TX for custom jewelry, engagement rings, but also jewelry repairs, watch repairs, and cleanings. We truly are your one-stop shop for all your Dallas jewelry needs.

Jewelry Repair in Frisco Include:

  • Sizing: Ladies and Gents with Yellow and White Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum
  • Shanking: FingerFit, SuperFit, and Inside Shank Beads
  • Ring Soldering: Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum for Breaks and Soldering 2 or More Rings Together
  • Finishes: Florentine, Sandblast, Satin Finishes, and Rhodium Plating
  • Prong and Tip Work: Repairs and Replacement Including V Prongs as well as Stone Head Replacement
  • Stone Setting: Prong Setting, Channel Setting, Bezel Setting, Pave Setting, Bead Setting, Invisible Setting

Additional Jewelry Repair:

  • Stone Tightening/Setting: Rounds, Marquise, Princess and other Fancy Cuts
  • Chain Repair: Soldering Breaks, Clasp Repair, Adding and Removing Links, Fabricating Links, Charm Additions
  • Pearl and Bead Restringing: Knotted and Unknotted, Including Graduated Strands, Sorting and Multiple Strand Pieces
  • Miscellaneous Sterling Silver Repair: Rings, Chain, ID Bracelets, Medical Alert Bracelets
  • Custom Engraving: Inside Rings and Memorable Gifts
  • Watch Repair: Battery, Band, Crystal Replacement and Movement Repairs
  • Complete Jewelry Restoration Services
  • Diamond and Gemstone Polishing and Recutting

Jewelry Appraisals in Frisco TX

Village Jewelers specializes in jewelry appraisals for reasons such as insurance scheduling, estate distribution, charitable donations, casualty loss, quality confirmation, and sale advice.

Our documents are prepared to the highest standards. Appraisals are conducted by appointment and in most cases, documents are completed and in your possession at the end of the appointment.

Jewelry Appraisals Include:

  • Detailed description of each item
  • Metal content determination
  • Gemstone identification, grading, measurement and weight calculation/estimation
  • Verification of Gemological laboratory reports whenever possible
  • Fully researched valuation at the appropriate market level
  • Identification of designer or manufacture, whenever possible
  • Complete professional cleaning and inspection of mounting
  • An explanation of value, along with the intent (appropriate use) of the appraisal document

Most Common Jewelry Repairs

Ring Re-Sizing & Soldering

Your finger size changes as the years go by and your ring may get too tight or too loose. A correctly sized ring should be easy to slide on and take just a little wiggling to get off. Additionally, if you wear two rings (or more) on the same finger, then having them soldered together can prevent them from spinning or scratching each other.

Broken Shank Jewelry Repair

Stress and wear can eventually cause your ring’s shank (commonly referred to as the band) to fracture. Usually, it happens from the bottom. It’s hard to predict if or when a shank will fracture as there usually isn’t any visual indication of it until it happens. If your shank has broken, then bring it in to Village Jewelers for our jewelry repair services!

Stone Replacement & Repairs

Sadly, sometimes your gemstones get damaged by sharp blows, or they can be lost due to damaged prongs. If you don’t regularly bring in your fine jewelry for inspection, you might not notice it until it’s too late! If this happens and you need a stone replacement, then turn to the trusted jewelry repair services of Village Jewelers.

Prong Retipping & Replacement

If the prongs snag on your clothes or hair, then they are probably either loose or too thin, this is a sure sign that it’s time to get your fine jewelry repaired and retipped. If you let a loose prong go on for too long, the gemstone could even fall out! If your prongs are too damaged, they might have to be replaced entirely.

Chain & Clasp Jewelry Repair

A damaged chain or clasp on a necklace or bracelet is usually obvious to see – but it can be difficult to fix, and leaving it broken could result in it dropping off and you losing your precious jewelry. If you notice any damage, stop wearing your necklace until it gets fixed. This is a common and quick jewelry repair, and broken chains and clasps can be replaced with matching quality metals.

Polishing & Cleaning Jewelry Repairs

Even a nice piece of jewelry can begin to look dull without proper polishing and cleaning. Lotion and soap residue can cause your piece to look old, even lower quality, or broken and scratched. When this happens, get your jewelry polished and cleaned, and be amazed at the differences a little professional bath can do!

Watch Repair Frisco TX

Nothing is worse than not being able to use your favorite watch! Get it up and running again. No matter how complex or simple the repair is, Village Jewelers has the expertise needed to get your timepiece repaired and working like new again.

If you are looking for watch repair in Frisco, TX, Village Jewelers delivers the best repairs in the area. We are familiar with a large variety of watch brands to better service you, so we are never stumped. And with our 40 years of service, we are sure to be able to quickly repair your watch with quality.

Common Watch Repairs in Frisco Include:

  • Gasket Repair (or Replacement)
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Watch Dial Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • Watch Polishing
  • Replacement of Pins and String Bars

We understand how important your timepiece is to you. We’ll do everything we can to get it back on your wrist as quickly as possible.

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