Jewelry, beyond its monetary value, holds a significant place in our hearts, making it crucial to keep our favorite pieces in top condition. Even with the utmost care, jewelry can wear down or get damaged over time, potentially diminishing the emotional connection we have with them. 

Common jewelry repairs can restore your cherished items to their former glory, whether it’s a broken clasp on a necklace or a loose stone in a ring. In this blog, we explore some of the most frequent jewelry repairs and what you can do to keep your pieces looking perfect.

1. Ring Resizing

When You Need It: Weight changes, inherited rings, or getting a new ring that doesn’t fit.

The Process: Our jewelers can either add or remove metal to adjust the size of your ring. For a simple resize, we will cut the band, add or remove the necessary amount of metal, and then solder it back together. After this, we will polish the ring to make the seam invisible.

Tips: Regularly check the fit of your rings. If they are too loose or tight, resize them promptly to avoid discomfort or loss.

2. Stone Replacement

When You Need It: If a stone falls out due to a damaged prong or setting or if you want to replace a gemstone for aesthetic reasons.

The Process: Our team will find a matching stone and then secure it using the existing setting or a new one if needed. This may involve tightening or rebuilding prongs to secure the new stone.

Tips: Periodically inspect your jewelry to ensure the stones are secure. If you notice any wiggling or shifting, take it to our shop before the stone is lost.

3. Prong Re-tipping

When You Need It: When the prongs holding your gemstone become worn or bent.

The Process: Our jewelers will add a small amount of metal to the worn prongs to reinforce them and ensure they securely hold the stone in place. In some cases, they may replace the prongs entirely.

Tips: Regularly check prongs for wear and tear. Prongs are crucial for holding gemstones, and worn prongs can lead to losing a precious stone.

4. Chain and Clasp Repair

When You Need It: When a necklace or bracelet chain breaks or the clasp stops functioning.

The Process: We will solder the links back together for a broken chain. We can repair the existing clasp or replace it with a new one for a malfunctioning clasp.

Tips: Be gentle with your chains and clasps. Avoid pulling or yanking on them, and store them properly to prevent tangling and damage.

5. Restringing Pearl and Beaded Necklaces

When You Need It: When the thread of a pearl or beaded necklace becomes frayed or breaks.

The Process: We will restring the pearls or beads on a new, durable thread. Depending on the necklace, we may add knots between beads to prevent them from scattering if the thread breaks again.

Tips: Storing beaded necklaces flat can help avoid unnecessary strain on the thread. Additionally, checking the thread regularly for signs of wear is a good idea.

6. Polishing and Cleaning

When You Need It: When jewelry looks dull or tarnished.

The Process: Our jewelers will use professional tools and cleaning solutions to clean and polish your jewelry, removing tarnish, scratches, and buildup to restore its shine.

Tips: Clean your jewelry regularly at home using appropriate methods for each type of metal and gemstone. For deeper cleaning and polishing, visit our shop in Frisco, TX.

7. Rebuilding or Reshanking Rings

When You Need It: When the shank (the bottom part of the ring) becomes thin, cracked, or bent.

The Process: Our jewelers can reinforce or replace the shank, ensuring the ring maintains its shape and strength.

Tips: Avoid wearing rings during activities that can put stress on them, such as heavy lifting or working with tools.

Let Village Jewelers Help Repair and Restore Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry repairs are an essential part of maintaining your precious jewelry pieces. Regular inspections and proper care can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. When repairs are needed, it’s crucial to trust a professional jeweler with the care and expertise to restore your jewelry. By doing so, you can enjoy its beauty and sentiment for many years, knowing it’s in the best hands.

At Village Jewelers, our expert jewelers are dedicated to providing top-notch jewelry repair services. From resizing rings to replacing gemstones, we have the knowledge and skills to handle all your jewelry repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in keeping your jewelry as stunning as the day you first wore it.