Custom jewelry is the perfect gift to others and yourself. It can show your style, your creativity, make a statement, or simply complement your outfit every day. But not everyone has the natural ability to think up the best new custom jewelry – and that’s okay.

That’s why your local custom jewelers at Village Jewelers decided to compile a list of all the best new trends and glamorous new styles of custom jewelry in Dallas.

Hopefully, our list will inspire you and provide ideas for your next custom jewelry piece. And remember, from engagement rings to cut diamonds, custom designs to personalized jewelry pieces, our years of experience make us the very best business in Dallas for your next custom jewelry piece.

Large Links in Bold Gold

The dainty links and chains of the past few years seem to be on the out, as large links in bold metals such as gold are in for the spring of 2019. And Village Jewelers couldn’t be happier about this daring new style.

With larger links, you are able to play with different shapes and cuts to create a plethora of unique and custom pieces. Additionally, larger links can be used in everything from necklaces to bracelets, and earrings to sets.

Custom Jewelry That Makes a Statement

Just like the above ‘large links’, bold statement-making jewelry is becoming popular among our custom-designed pieces. Whether you like colored stones, daring cuts, or mixing metals, it seems that the sky truly is the limit for custom jewelry this spring, as creativity is the goal and a one-of-a-kind piece is the reward.

Village Jewelers loves creating classic custom pieces that will stand the test of time, but we also enjoy helping our clients find the perfect statement to say with their jewelry.

Custom, Refined Choker Necklaces

Think chokers are a tacky thing of the past? Think again!

New, refined chockers with fine metals and beautifully cut diamonds are all over the runways this spring, meaning we will soon be seeing them in stores as well as being crafted by the custom jewelry design team at Village Jewelers. And though we may have hated the plastic chokers of the past, the new redefined (and fine) chockers of this season are something to dream about.

Layered Custom Necklaces, Bracelets, & Rings

Layering has always been a trend that Village Jewelers embraces as it gives more depth, dimension, and personalization to your everyday pieces. Of course, you can mix many of the trends above into your layered jewelry by using a variety of sized links, metal colors, and lengths.

Layering a fine choker with large linked long necklaces of various sizes can create a statement all on its own but add in the addition of your pieces being custom and one-of-a-kind, and you’ve got a show stopper that will facilitate conversations for years to come.

Custom Jewelry Made from Coins

Village Jewelers loves upcycling your heirlooms and treasures into wearable art, and that is exactly what the trend of coin custom jewelry is – creating something new from your vintage coins or precious legacy pieces.

Whether you want to create earrings, a necklace, or even a set, Village Jewelers can make your vision a reality by creating something new from something old.

Custom Charm Bracelets

Many people wear jewelry to remember events, places, or people, and that is why our charm bracelets are always popular choices for custom gifts or creative designs. Custom charm bracelets are perfect for weddings, baby showers, holidays or birthdays, and show your extra care and thoughtfulness.

Also, a custom charm bracelet can be added to for years to come, giving you an experience to look forward to, and the receiver the joy of getting more memories on their wrist every year.

Custom Jewelry for Your Whole Body

Our final trend for custom jewelry takes creativity in a new direction – every direction!

Jewelry isn’t just for your ears, fingers, neck, and wrists anymore, but for your ankles, toes, waist, and more. Jewelry that drapes down your back or across your clothes is a simple, small way to show extra sparkle without extra effort.

And with the addition of toe rings, anklets, and open-back jewelry – there is so much more to discover in custom-designed jewelry in Dallas.

If any of the above items piqued your interest, or if you would like to see our past creations or inventory of fresh cut diamonds, then stop into Village Jewelers today to learn more – or contact us at (469) 980-7727. We’re available from 10:00 am-6: 00 pm Monday through Saturday.