Diamonds are the most expensive gemstones in the world, with some costing in the millions! This overwhelming amount might be a little scary and make your decision-making process more difficult when looking to purchase loose diamonds.

Nobody wants to risk their investment, so before you spend a substantial amount of your hard-earned money on a diamond, consider the following diamond buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

3 Common Mistakes When Buying Loose Diamonds

Misled by the Cut

The cut is the most important and difficult to define of the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat). It determines how much light the stone reflects as well as the diamond’s overall appearance. For example, an exceptional cut diamond can have a lower clarity (SI1-SI2) and color (G-H) and still look beautiful due to its superior ability to bounce light and create brilliance and sparkle.

Seeing a diamond in person and examining it under different lights is the most reliable way of determining its quality. Do your research, read, and educate yourself on the 4C’s, and most importantly, deal with a reputable jeweler to avoid being misled by the cut!

Village Jewelers can help you avoid diamond-buying mistakes by making knowledgeable jewelers available to you every step of the way. You will receive the answers you need from someone who truly understands diamonds.

Not Seeking a Certificate

This is a common mistake made by many potential buyers. Every diamond is graded and certified by organizations such as:

  •       IGI (International Gemological Institute)
  •       GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
  •       GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab)

If a diamond hasn’t been certified by one of these organizations, it’s not worth buying.

A diamond certificate ensures that the diamond is graded correctly according to the 4Cs. The certificate also secures diamond shoppers and sellers by certifying that the loose diamond meets the required quality and standards. This instills trust in your purchase.

Remember that you should insist on getting a diamond certificate. Also, the supplier should provide certificates to their consumers along with their diamonds. Transparency is ensured when a certificate is obtained from a reputable certification institution.

This way, you will be confident that the diamond they have is genuine and valuable. However, only buy diamonds from reputable suppliers who can check the certificate’s veracity.

Buying Diamonds from Unknown Sources

Purchasing a diamond is an excellent investment in itself, but you must carefully select your seller. An established diamond firm or a diamond vendor with years of experience is preferable to unknown sources.

Unknown sources are sellers whose reputation is questionable or who are not well-known. You can’t be sure you’re getting a genuine loose diamond from many unknown suppliers because they don’t issue diamond certificates.

When buying from an unknown source, you risk being deceived, receiving a fake or blood diamond, or even being scammed out of a large amount of money. So, always ensure that you buy diamonds from a reputed seller.

Ensure a Smart Diamond Purchase at Village Jewelers

Now that you’re aware of the most common diamond buying mistakes, the best way to make a smart diamond purchase is to find a reputable jeweler!

The jeweler should be knowledgeable about diamonds and make you feel at ease when making such a major investment. Contact Village Jewelers at (469) 980-7727 or come see us today to get the right diamond a the right price!