You might be planning to shop for an engagement ring soon, or maybe you plan on investing in fine jewelry set with diamonds. Whatever the case, you may have also noticed that the demand for diamonds has risen sharply.

If you’re worried about a shortage, you’re not alone. Many buyers are now snapping up diamond jewelry while they can, with jewelers reporting solid numbers. But this is where the advantages of buying loose diamonds come in: you have the control, despite the buying frenzy.

1. Take Advantage of Buying Loose Diamonds for Wholesale Prices

With the demand driving the prices of set pieces up, buying loose diamonds gets you discounted prices. Wholesale prices will get you a quality stone without having to navigate the sticker shock of set diamond pieces found among some boutiques.

2. The Process Is More Straightforward

Buying a loose diamond is a lot simpler than buying a piece of jewelry. Choosing among the different varieties of jewelry could become overwhelming. There are so many options and choices. But when you’re shopping for a loose diamond, it’s a far simpler choice. Focus goes into the size, quality, and color of the stone.

The Choice Is Yours

Choosing a loose diamond allows you to observe your choices with more scrutiny than before. You’re the one who looks through the diamonds, checking their size and quality. You’re also able to be more specific about the qualities of the stone. This is something you don’t have control over if you buy a pre-set piece.

Get Better Quality Stones For Your Budget

When you buy a piece of diamond jewelry, you become more mindful of your budget. Some rings or items can be more expensive than others because of the work that goes into the piece as a whole. But buying a loose diamond is the more cost-effective option as you can buy a bigger, better-quality stone for your budget. Anything else, such as the design, can come later.

You Have More Avenues for Customization

Buying a set diamond often means you’re also purchasing the piece it’s in, which doesn’t leave you much room for customization. But if you have a loose diamond in your possession, it opens up numerous opportunities for customized jewelry. The cut, the type of metal, or even the number of diamonds is all up to you.

You Choose Your Jewelry Design

Part of being able to customize your own jewelry is crafting your design. While some people want to leave that to the expertise of jewelers, there is something more personal about designing a piece of jewelry yourself. It’s an even more ideal choice for wedding or engagement rings, as you and your partner can create jewelry with poignant meaning to you both.

Make Your Diamond Piece a Meaningful One

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to buy a set diamond in a piece of jewelry. It’s still the most common way to purchase diamond jewelry. But buyers can’t ignore the advantages of buying a loose diamond. Many benefits give you more control, more opportunity for optimization, and ultimately, make your future diamond piece even more special than ever.

Are you looking for an ideal diamond for a piece you have in mind? We’ll help you find that perfect loose stone for what you need.

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