Making custom jewelry is a creative art form, but it still does have certain methodical steps that are fairly uniform to ensure the process will meet all the wants and wishes of the customer – like style, size, etc.

The custom jewelry process is exciting, as you get to be a part of creating something that’s never been in the world before, something unique to you. One-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are our passion! And this article will tell the story of how a custom piece of jewelry goes from an idea to a fully-formed, glimmering, and gleaming piece in your jewelry box!

Step 1 – The Design

The first step in any custom work is to create the design and finalize it. This is because your design really cannot be changed after a certain point in the creation process without incurring more time (and more fees) for your designer and creator.

At Village Jewelers, you will work with our designers to finalize your idea together. We believe it is important to have both you, the customer, and the jeweler involved in this process to ensure everything can be done structurally and that we know your vision firsthand. 

Additionally, this is the phase when the price is confirmed before any fabrication begins. Make sure you know if there is any design fee, the timeline, and ask about getting an itemized list of the price as well.

Step 2 – The Creation

A small custom jewelry price, like a ring, can be created in about two or three days, but even this ‘quick’ turn around comes in multiple options or steps:

  1. Fabrication – Jewelers can immediately create a ring through metal-smithing with no previous steps, especially if the design is simple.
  2. Wax Forming – Sculpt or hand carve the custom jewelry piece out of wax at the exact scale of the final piece. Three-dimensional modeling using computer software might be used for complex pieces. 
    • After the wax piece is completed, the next step is to cast it in metal. This is called ‘lost wax’ casting because the original wax model is destroyed in the process.

Step 3 – Pre-Polish

After your custom jewelry piece has been cast in any metal of your choosing (gold, platinum, silver, etc.), it is cleaned and polished. At this point, any tool marks (dents, dings, etc.) are removed, and the custom jewelry piece is inspected to ensure it is fully functional and completely dazzling.

Step 4 – The Setting

If the custom jewelry piece is going to have gemstones in it, they are added (set) at this point.  This stone setting takes precise work and extreme care. However, the process can still be finished within a day or less, depending on the number of gemstones and their placements.

Step 5 – The Polishing

Your custom jewelry piece is now given a final polish – eliminating any lingering scratches or imperfections. This includes surgical cleaning, eliminating oils or residue from even our hands.

Step 6 – Receive Your Custom Jewelry Piece!

Now that your piece is clean and in a gorgeous jewelry box, it’s ready for presentation – either to you or to the final recipient. But remember some of these key items:

  • Try on the jewelry if it is a ring or other item that needs correct sizing.
  • Ask about care, cleaning, etc.
  • Ask about warranties or continued services from your jeweler.

Call Village Jewelers for Your Next Custom Jewelry Piece!

Make sure you choose a great custom jewelry designer and jeweler with a long history in the industry to ensure your process is smooth!

Come visit us in person or contact us to share your thoughts and styles from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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