Online shopping may be popular for many items, as Amazon’s third quarter of 2020 generated over 96 billion dollars in sales, but for fine jewelry, many still want to see it in person, inspect quality, and feel it in their hands before they buy such a pricy item.

The main benefit of online shopping is, of course, the convenience of not having to leave your home (or couch), which was helpful and necessary for many in 2020 during quarantines and shutdowns. But some items and bigger purchases require more than mere convenience to secure the sale.

We at Village Jewelers feel that fine, custom jewelry is one of these ‘in-person’ categories, which is why we want to bring convenience back in-stores with our knowledgeable staff and huge selection!

Here are a few reasons that buying fine jewelry in-store might just make more sense than online for you and your next big shiny purchase.

1. Inspect the Quality of the Jewelry

Photos online may be high in quality, or even numerous – but we all know that a photo can only go so far and that they can often be misleading. Some photos may be edited, or the lighting may be unnatural, maybe the zoom, angle, or lens used is meant to mislead – regardless, being skeptical of what we see online is a part of our daily life.

When it comes to a pillow for your couch or some warm winter socks, it may not be that big of a deal to purchase online without truly seeing the quality of the item, but when it comes to a diamond ring, necklace, or earrings – quality matters above almost all else.

It can be hard to truly know the size, shimmer, and quality of items like jewelry online, and even reviews can be misleading nowadays. That is why we recommend coming in-store to see the true quality of diamonds, gems, and metals before you buy.

2. Truly Feel & See the Jewelry

Beyond mere quality, seeing and feeling your jewelry is another way to ensure you actually like it, want it, and it meets your expectations, style, and more. Even if a picture is accurate, you will not truly know how you feel about the item until you can touch it and try it on in real life, in real-time.

Unfortunately, when you buy online, you cannot have this moment until it has been bought, paid for, and delivered!

Save yourself the hassle and the stress and see your item, feel it, and try it on before you hand over those precious credit card details.

3. Don’t Fall Prey to Online Scams

Sadly, online scams are common, and high-priced items at great costs are often the lure. This means that jewelry scams are one of the most common and can often seem quite legitimate and convincing.

You may be paying for a fake piece of jewelry, or maybe the store doesn’t even truly exist and will disappear as soon as they get your payment details. Maybe it is a real jewelry store, but they are misleading in sizing, quality, the C’s of their diamonds, or even warranty, delivery, or return promises.

Avoid these scams by only buying from reputable stores and seeing (and feeling) the quality of the item before you purchase. By having the chance to inspect the piece on your own, and then knowing the store won’t be able to simply disappear if there is an issue, you can gain more than just peace of mind when you buy in-store.

4. Get the Customer Service You Deserve

Oftentimes, online stores are all about speed, perceived convenience, and pressured fast-shopping in just a couple of clicks. But is this how you want to buy such an important product?

When you are looking for a fine jewelry piece (or especially a custom jewelry piece), you should be getting high customer service, great advice from staff, and creative ideas and help you every step of the way! Why settle for anything less?

By visiting Village Jewelers in-person, you get to speak to our jewelers, our creators, and our friendly staff. Plus, we treat our customers like family and remember you, this makes repairs, cleaning, and other services easy – all with the highest quality and customer service in the DFW area!

Contact Village Jewelers for Your Next Fine Jewelry Purchase!

Visiting your local, fine jewelry store can give you a better experience, a far better idea of your item’s quality, and more options and creativity without the stress of waiting for a delivery or the hassle of an online jewelry return (or the devastation of realizing it was a scam).

Contact Village Jewelers for an appointment, or visit us today!