Typically, everyone that wears jewelry has that one pair of earrings or necklace that is their go-to for any event — or even everyday wear. But when you compare your jewelry to the pieces your friends or family own, is there a distinct difference? 

Jewelry can be chunky and bold, dainty and subtle, or unique and creative, allowing the wearer to display their personality proudly. While this is one way we express ourselves, this article is purely for fun — your jewelry doesn’t define you!

Keep reading to see what we think your favorite piece says about you and where you can find the perfect addition to your collection!

Next time you pick out some jewelry, see if it feels true to your personality, or look at the jewelry you already own to see if there’s a pattern in your pieces.

The Bold One

Bold jewelry tends to be associated with an outgoing and bold personality. It reflects the desire to stand out and be noticed by others.

Bright and bold jewelry can also showcase the fun side of your personality — if you’re drawn to this type, it likely translates to being the fun-loving life of the party. You’re probably a cheerful and bubbly person others love to be around because of your infectious personality!

Delicate and Sophisticated

Are you drawn to simple jewelry that goes with everything or small, understated pieces? If so, you probably enjoy more of a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle.

You tend to be more of an observer of the group rather than the life of the party — you like to have a good time but are quieter when doing so. However, people often view you as approachable and easy to talk to. 

You aren’t overly worried about staying up with the trends, but you know what is fashionable and fitting for you. You are a great listener, a great friend, and the glue that holds your group together!

The Trend-Setter

Are you constantly buying pieces others find too “weird” or different? This generally indicates that you are a trendsetter. You like your jewelry with a story to tell, not just brand-name items you can find anywhere.

You set trends by wearing jewelry that stands out — not in a flashy way, but in a unique one. If you tend to wear antique jewelry, you’re likely an intriguing conversationalist. 

You go your own way and are a leader even when you aren’t trying to be. People come to you for advice and opinions, and you probably have a lot of people asking you to help them shop (or browse your closet).

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