When looking at the beauty, durability, and rarity of colored gemstones, it’s hard to believe they came from our planet. Colored stones have amazed us throughout history and have long been used in jewelry design — but while choosing your dream stone is an exciting and personal choice, consider how your jewelry will be worn.

For example, choosing a relatively durable gemstone is best if you plan to wear your piece every day. Throughout this article, we will reference the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which measures the resistance or durability of minerals. Materials appear on this scale ranging from 1-10 — for example, pearls rank a 2.5, while diamonds are a 10.

Below we’ll discuss some of our favorite colored gems and how they rank on the Mohs scale, helping you choose the perfect stone for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!


Sapphires are the second hardest mineral on Earth at a fantastically durable 9/10 on the Mohs Scale.

They also come in a rainbow of hues. Most commonly known in blue, sapphires also come in vibrant yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks. Peach sapphires — known as Padparadscha — are some of the most beautiful and rare.


Once believed to calm the oceans, Aquamarines are beloved for both their fresh, watery blue-green hue and transparency. With a subtle color that sparkles, they are a popular alternative to white diamonds in engagement rings and other wedding jewelry.

Aquamarines rate 7.5-8/10 on the Mohs scale, making them durable and suitable for everyday wear.


Morganites are known for their unique peachy-pink pastel coloring, produced by traces of manganese within their translucent crystal structure. They have a durable 7.5-8/10 rating on the Mohs scale, making them a practical choice for everyday wear.

Tiny white diamonds perfectly pair with morganites as they enhance their sparkle. A rose gold band can also bring out their beautiful color.


Opals traditionally come from Australia and are recognized by their bright pops of color within the white stone. This iridescent play of light and color is caused by amorphous silica, which naturally refracts the light. Unlike other gemstones, opals are not crystalline. Instead, they’re formed from hard silica gel, making them unusual and fragile.

Measuring 5.5-6/10 on the Mohs scale, opals can be affected by temperature, humidity, and light changes, so they must be stored and worn with care.


Amethysts are rich, purple stones that were heavily favored by the women and men of the Victorian Era. However, the less popular pale green amethyst is another variety of amethyst that is more unusual and unique. Amethysts of any color look stunning when paired with yellow gold.

A type of quartz, amethysts are a 7/10 on the Mohs scale, so you must care for them a little more gently.


One of the most precious gemstones in existence, prized for their rich color, rubies have been long favored by royalty and were once believed to protect soldiers in battle.

Ranging from a vibrant orangey-red to a more purple hue, they measure a resilient 9/10 on the Mohs scale, making them a practical choice for pieces worn every day.


Emeralds have always been a famous stone, as they are one of the most vibrant and beautiful green colors created by the natural world. These unique stones are traditionally shaped into an ‘emerald’ cut to show off their color, which clientele value much more than their sparkle.

Emeralds measure 7.5-8/10 on the Mohs scale, which means they require a little more care than other harder-wearing stones.


Pearls are the only gemstone in the world that are formed by living organisms — clams. Pearls are considered one of the world’s oldest and most precious stones, and they were and were first discovered by early humans searching for food along the seashore. Known and loved for their iridescent sheen, pearls measure just 2.5/10 on the Mohs scale.

Pearls will always be a classic, stunning choice for jewelry as long as they are appropriately taken care of.

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