Just like fashion, jewelry-making follows the inevitable cycles of current trends. As we enter 2024, we see a few emerging styles slowly taking over the industry. Gone are the days of mass-produced pieces. Today’s jewelry trends are all about customization, bespoke pieces that express the wearer’s culture, beliefs, or interests.

Considering the culturally diverse Texas, influences come together to create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces and inspire new trends. With Gen X and Gen Y (adults ages 25 to 60) buying around 70% of the jewelry, they dictate or influence the trends. The millennials may be more influential as they spend $203 per year on jewelry, which is 157.9% above the average American.

Sustainable Pieces

Sustainability has been a buzzword in many aspects of the fashion industry, and fine jewelry isn’t an exception. Consumers are becoming more picky with what they wear and no longer want something off the rack. Many transform their heirlooms into contemporary pieces by setting the stones in more modern designs.

For example, many engaged couples reuse the gems from an old ring or necklace to create custom rings that better suit their personalities. Some even melt unwanted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to create a new bespoke piece. If you want to create a completely custom piece of jewelry – and incorporate an heirloom gem – VIllage Jewelers can help. We specialize in creating custom pieces just like this!

Go For Gold

Precious metals are making a big comeback. More and more people are looking at their jewelry collection as an investment and want fashionable pieces with actual value. We can already see a resurgence of the opulent Art Deco style of the roaring 1920s. Think geometric lines, bold patterns and colors, and shiny yellow gold.

But silver is here to stay as well. It’s a jewelry staple, and when used alongside turquoise in particular, it can make stunning statement pieces, from belt buckles to pendant necklaces.

Make A Statement

Jewelry is more than just an accessory. It’s a way to make a statement, get noticed across the room, and start a conversation. Dangle earrings are also back in style. A string of colorful gems or chandeliers with diamond and pearl embellishments can add flair and drama to your outfit.

The choker is also being reimagined as a focal point and can serve as the basis for layering multiple chains. Imagine a bold gemstone at the center of your neck that cascades into various layers of delicate gold chains. Talk about making a statement!

Personal Expression

The most noticeable jewelry trend of 2024 will undoubtedly be the freedom of personal expression. Consumers want pieces that showcase their interests or tell the story of their cultural background. Astrology is becoming increasingly popular, and many people combine their astrological sign and birthstone into a fun pendant necklace.

Crystals make beautiful custom jewelry and are a massive part of the cultural zeitgeist. A set of delicate citrine earrings will look great on you and keep you calm and stress-free. A jade bracelet can be sleek and modern but still be designed in the spirit of Chinese tradition.

Create Your Own Custom Jewelry in Frisco, Texas

The time of fast fashion and generic jewelry is long gone. Invest in your future by getting custom jewelry that is timeless and matches your personality.

From simple elegance to intricate designs with personal meaning, our experts at Village Jewelers can help you bring your ideas to life. Get in touch today and find that perfect piece that never goes out of style.