As 2018 draws to a close, it can be a good time to reflect, to look back and see what we can glean from the past 12 months as we consider the future – the future of jewelry, of course.

Village Jewelers loves the classic styles, as we’ve been around for over 30 years, but you don’t work in the fine jewelry industry for as long as we have without understanding and embracing the ever-changing trends as well.

Village Jewelers in Frisco might be known for many things, but our biggest pride and joy are our unique, one-of-a-kind, custom jewelry pieces.

And what can we learn from the custom pieces of 2018? Quite a bit.

Read on to see the top 7 trends in custom jewelry in Dallas, Frisco, and all over the state, because Village Jewelers knows that it really is better in Texas.

Custom Jewelry in Dallas – The Highest Trends of 2018

#1 Extravagant Earrings

Diamond studs are forever, this is true, but statement piece earrings are in for the fall and winter this year.

Showing off your style and your neckline never looked so good.

And as far as custom earrings go, the sky is truly the limit, as anything you see, imagine, or dream up can be achieved with the skilled artists at Village Jewelers.

#2 Natural Shapes in New Ways

Nature is beautiful and a forever trend, but the custom jewelry trend of copying nature is distinctly 2018.

Consider nature-inspired pieces featuring golden leaves or metal-mimicking-wood elements to make a statement and follow a trend which will never blow away.

#3 Chunky Pieces Paired with Clean Lines

Custom jewelry in Dallas seems to know where it was born, as the ‘bigger in Texas’ theme has appeared with gusto this year.

Larger metal pieces worked in with clean lines and delicate features are dominating the custom jewelry stage as 2018 ends.

Think of large, fine mixed-metal chains and the twinkle of fresh cut diamonds, or darker metals with more weight cut to shine like the night sky.

#4 Custom Pieces with Precious Stones Soar

Custom jewelry is no longer all about diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Stones have made a huge comeback this year, as they follow the natural trend, but are so versatile and can come in any color you prefer.

Previous stones can also match with different metals, styles, and pieces. So, whether you want a custom necklace, ring, or earrings, stones can be integrated seamlessly.

#5 Bangles Are Banging Again

Large bracelets, or bangles are following both the chunky trend and the natural trend, making them a double threat for the fall and winter this year.

Custom pieces that are larger, also featuring stones or a greater amount of gold, have been seen on runways as well as in our very own Village Jewelers’ display cases.

#6 Custom Jewelry for Your Favorite Brand

Logos or other emblems meant to give a nod to your favorite brand or company have made a strong return this year.

And though some might consider this ‘so 2000’, fashion is often cyclical, and apparently the wheel has continued to turn and bring this beautiful trend back to us.

So, if you have a love for a certain style, theme, or brand, then consider a custom piece of jewelry to pay homage to it.

#7 Not All That Glitters is Gold – But It Sometimes Is

Gold is always a larger trend in the fall and winter seasons, but 2018 into 2019 looks to be a clean sweep for the precious metal.

Gold-styled jewelry, or custom jewelry meant to show off the color in larger amounts, is back in style and can often be worked into many of the above trends as well.

Golden leaves, bangles, or chunky necklaces and earrings can all work beautifully with each other to create a unique, styled look that no one else will have.

If you are intrigued by the beauty that this year has brought, or if you are looking for a custom piece of jewelry in Dallas for the holidays, come in to Village Jewelers today and see what magic we can make with you.

Happy holidays! We can’t wait to see you into the new year with sparkle, quality, and style.