Watch repairs are becoming less common due to the decline in watch sales (besides smartwatches, those sales are doing just fine), and because they are becoming less common, they are becoming less accessible. This means many people don’t know who to turn to when their watch starts to fail and might even try to fix the issue themselves.

What’s wrong with a little DIY watch repair? Well, for one, you could permanently damage or break your beloved timepiece. You could even damage it to the point that a professional cannot even revive it – and for those of us who love our watches, or when the watch has high monetary value or is a family heirloom with historic or sentimental value, that can be a difficult consequence.

But then where can you turn to find a tested and trusted, local, professional watch repair service?

Village Jewelers, of course! Because we do more than create gorgeous, custom jewelry – we also clean, repair, and revive your current jewelry and watches.

But before you visit us – let’s learn a little more about common watch repairs, watch-preservation practices, and why you should leave the intricacies of watch repairs to the professionals.

Why You Should Leave Your Watch Repairs to the Professionals:

We aren’t saying you should send your watch through the mail to just any old ‘professional’ repair shop – instead, stay local, stay in-house, and come in to have us look at your watch and give you a time and cost quote.

We have the experience and the expertise your timeless timepiece deserves, as well as the facilities and tools. Did you know that some watch repair shops send your precious heirloom to an offsite location to work on it? The more it is moved around though, the more likely something could happen to it or it could become lost.

Besides always keeping it in-house and using our vast experience to repair your watch, we can also tell (or show) you exactly what went wrong, probable reasons for why, and how to not repeat the damage.

Better before, better during, and better aftercare? That’s why working with a professional, local watch repair shop is your best choice.

Most Common Watch Repairs in Frisco:

The most common repair requests we see are dead batteries, defective electronic components, or cables and circuits disconnected. However, whatever your issue is, we have the diagnostic tools and experience to find the problem, explain it to you, and fix it – all in-house.

For most quartz watches, the repair involves taking out the old, broken part and replacing it with a new part. This can be anything from the battery to coil, or quartz crystal. However, when working with older or antique watches, sometimes the parts cannot be found, and therefore have to be made from scratch. This is time-consuming, but often worth it to the families who bring in heirloom or antique timepieces for repair.

How to Preserve Your Watch:

We see a lot of preventable repairs that cause hassles for the watch owner – so we thought it would behoove our readers to know about some of the best ways to preserve your watch (and what to avoid, too).

First and foremost – be careful with your watch. This might sound simple, but truly – you’d be surprised how often people come in with a broken watch because they dropped it, or played tennis with it on. This should go without saying, but watches are delicate items that need to be treated with care.

Did you know that a complex watch could have anywhere from 250-450 pieces and parts inside it? This means a ‘little bump’ can throw a tiny gear out of whack and make the watch cease to work.

Additionally, taking your watch off at night or when you put lotion on (no, really, we’ve done repairs that basically only entail a deep-clean) are good practices. Wiping your watch down at least one to two times a week is a good idea too – as an ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of cure.

Do You Need Watch Repairs in Frisco, TX? Village Jewelers Are the Professionals That Can Help!

Village Jewelers loves working with watches both old and new, because they each have a story.

Do you have a watch that needs some TLC, a cleaning, or a major repair? We are happy to help! Visit us or contact us today to have one of our professional watch repair team members go over the possible issues, timelines, and cost to repair your arm-clock.