When looking to buy a watch, you’re most probably worried about its looks rather than the role of each component. You don’t have to be an expert, but knowing how to take care of your watch crystal is a must if you want your timepiece to last. 

The crystal is there to protect the watch’s inner workings and make sure your watch serves you for years to come. With the luxury watch market expected to grow in demand, understanding the role of this component becomes more important than ever. 

As watch repair experts, we at Village Jewelers are here to explain its role, how to take care of it, and what to do if your watch crystal cracks. Let’s dive in!

Roles of the Watch Crystal

So, how much does the watch crystal protect your watch? It’s just a piece of glass, after all. But what you don’t know is that without this tiny piece of glass, your watch will be vulnerable and exposed to potential damage. These are its roles:

  • Protection. Think of it as a shield. It’s there to protect your watch from all the elements, including dust, shock, and water. Watch crystals made out of synthetic sapphire are specifically designed to resist scratches and abrasions. 
  • Reflection. We all find it irritating when the sun’s glare bounces off our watch. Well, some crystals can minimize the glare, so you can easily read the time regardless of the lighting condition.
  • Neat Looks. Naturally, the watch crystal is the reason your watch looks so polished. It enhances both the colors and clarity of the timepiece. 

How to Take Care of Your Watch Crystal

Watch crystals are designed to last. However, you still have to take care of it to maintain its functionality and overall appearance. What you can do is wipe it gently with a lint-free cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals when doing so. 

While it isn’t that easy to crack a watch’s crystal, you should still avoid wearing it during activities where it might be subjected to excessive force. And lastly, don’t forget to check it regularly with a professional watchmaker to identify potential issues. 

Signs Your Watch Crystal Might Be Broken

There’s no denying you care about your watch. After all, you paid good money for it. To ensure it serves its purpose, you shouldn’t overlook the warning signs that your watch crystal might be damaged.

First of all, if you notice a visible crack, you must repair it immediately to prevent further damage. If your watch crystal appears foggy, it could indicate it’s become dislodged. Additionally, if you notice that your watch doesn’t accurately show the time, you should have it checked out. 

Prolonging the Watch Crystal’s Life with Village Jewelers’ Watch Repair Techniques

We all want to avoid watch repair, but to do so, you must have your watch regularly serviced and taken care of as much as possible. As strong as it may seem, the watch crystal is still delicate and susceptible to damage. 

As watch repair experts, we have handled many watches, so we can safely say that the most durable watches are those that are well-maintained and cared for over time. At Village Jewelers, we care about the faith of your watch. Entrust your timepiece to the experts – contact us today and give your watch crystal the attention it deserves!