Graduation marks a significant milestone for the people and is often celebrated with family, friends, and people who helped these graduates along the way. Giving gifts to the graduates is one way of remembering this milestone.

Gifts are a great way to make a long-lasting impression because they reflect the thought that came from the gift-giver.. However, gift-givers often need help choosing the right gift. 

Some prefer to hit the mall or sign in to an online store and buy a gift. Others – who want to add their personal touch – opt for customized gifts. For those who have more time and want to add their creativity, below are some personalized pieces they can consider for their graduation gift ideas.

1. Class Rings and Necklaces

For graduates whose personalities lean towards conventional designs, think about class rings or necklaces that showcase a retro vibe. Customize this jewelry by engraving names or “Congratulations” inside the ring or on the sides. Double-check the details, including the class year and school name; you don’t want a simple typo to ruin your personalized class ring or necklace.   

2. Friendship Rings and Necklaces

One of the favorite graduation gift ideas that you can choose is friendship jewelry. A ring can showcase the Greek symbol for honor societies, college fraternities, and sororities. You can add personalized touches by gifting friendship rings or necklaces with complementing badges and pins. Jewelry gifts like this are well appreciated by graduates whose academic journey has been made meaningful by these enduring friendships.

3. Varsity Rings and Necklaces

For athletes or cheerleading graduates, you can pick a ring that celebrates their championships or cheerleading journey. You can choose unique designs to go with their team symbol, like a stone or designs that take inspiration from certain themes. These themes can highlight their dedication or personal style (e.g., victory, enthusiasm, tactical).

4. Stone Rings and Necklaces

For a more stunning look, you can pick stones to customize that graduate ring or pendant for necklaces or bracelets. Birthstones are popular choices, such as garnet for graduates born in January. 

But you can also pick stones that the graduate likes or stones that reflect the unique attributes of your graduate. A perfect example is a sapphire necklace to complement the graduate’s blue eyes. Colors also symbolize specific attributes, so for brave graduates, you can pick Amethyst for their graduate gift.

5. Metal Rings and Necklaces

Metal ring bands or necklaces are excellent choices for graduation gift ideas. Customize gold and silver accessories with simple designs or interesting engravings. Village Jewelers offers a broad range when it comes to graduation rings, including gold, silver, and two-tone blends. Besides being incredibly versatile, metal rings and necklaces are durable.

6. Unique Rings and Necklaces

Does your graduating friend or family member like fishing, traveling, or crocheting? You can also pick for them a ring or necklace that celebrates the hobbyist in them. Unique designs like this demonstrate your interest in their hobbies and accomplishments. 

Rely on Village Jewelers for Your Next Gift

Choosing a gift based on the graduate’s personality and interests can save you the hassle of picking gifts that will only be forgotten or thrown away. To highlight your graduate’s shiny next chapter, contact Village Jewelers. This Texas-based jeweler offers an excellent range of fully customized rings, bracelets, and necklaces that remind graduates of the joys of earning their degrees.