Regardless of how you look at it, fine jewelry is an investment. Whether you’re planning to invest and sell afterward or to pass it down in your family, you must acquaint yourself with some specifics regarding the gems, service, or your jewelry store of choice.

Here are the top questions to ask your jeweler before ordering a custom piece.

Q1: Where Was It Made?

Local hand-made jewelry pieces are more valuable than those manufactured overseas. Master jewelers not only perfect the craft of fine jewels but also add authenticity to the item compared to mass-production jewelry.

Plus, local or hand-made pieces are more durable than manufactured ones, hence being a better investment.

Q2: Where Do You Cut Your Diamonds?

Russia and Belgium are the sources of the best cutters in the world. Their diamonds shine more and stand out from any other diamonds on the market, reflecting the high prices. But they aren’t the only sources of quality stones. When investing money into diamonds, pay attention to the origin. 

Q3: Do You Have a Certified Diamond Grader Inspect Each Stone?

All diamond grading is manual work, which naturally may not be perfect if a non-expert performs it. A master diamond grader with experience and license should inspect the diamond before buying it. Always ask if the grader has a permit and what kind.

Q4: What Warranties Do You Offer?

Buying diamonds without a warranty is risky and often unreliable. A lifetime manufacturer warranty provides the most peace of mind if you damage the diamond. Any professional jewelry maker should be able to stand behind the expertise of their product.

Q5: What Happens if a Stone Falls Out?

Even the most reputable jewelry stores experience such situations, and they always have a solution because they know why a stone may fall out of their product. After all, it’s their craft. 

In such situations, they replace the diamond or stone free of charge, but some stores still don’t practice this solution. Therefore, before you make a purchase, please mind this, and ask whether they’d be willing to replace the stone free of charge.

Q6: Do Your Items Come With Free Professional Cleaning?

Reputable jewelry stores have ultrasonic machines that execute the cleaning treatment of a jewelry piece. Usually, these treatments come as part of the deal when you purchase the product, but it’s always wise to ask so that you know for sure.

Q7: What Happens if a Stone Becomes Loose?

If you wear a piece of jewelry too frequently, the stones or diamonds will eventually become loose. This is a regular occurrence, and almost every store offers to fix it back in place as part of the cleaning process or once you notice it’s loose. But, always ask this beforehand, so you don’t pay extra money for fixing.

Q8: What Insurance Do You Recommend for the Rings?

One of the worst-case scenarios that can happen when you own expensive jewelry is losing them or having them stolen. Thankfully, many insurance companies can cover and help you out in such situations. Ask if they can recommend any insurance company before you purchase so that you can be safe.

Let’s Talk About Custom Jewelry

The art of fine jewelry requires knowledge, experience, and authenticity to establish product durability and gain trust among customers. Over at Village Jewelers, we’ll provide you with just that. 

We are a jewelry store that has been around for decades, selling top-grade jewelry plus crafting custom pieces for everyone’s taste. If you’re interested in creating a one-of-a-kind proposal ring or want to purchase your first fine jewelry, give us a call.