More women are buying diamonds themselves, but why? Let’s delve in to see what’s been happening to cause such a dramatic shift.

Buying diamonds used to be done mainly by men, but that is changing, and we at Village Jewelers think that’s great. Maybe the man in your life picked out the exact diamond, setting, shine and style that you would have if you had been there…or maybe he didn’t quite hit the mark.

But don’t you worry! The business of buying diamonds has shifted from men alone to couples together, and now even to women buying diamonds themselves. So, if you are considering buying diamonds for yourself, your mother, sister, friend or children, now is the time. Let’s take a look at some reasons why this trend has taken over.

Why More Women are Buying Diamonds Themselves

Maybe it’s the beautiful twinkle, maybe how they catch low light or how they shine on your finger, wrist or at your ears, but there’s just something about diamonds that pulls people in. That’s why they’ve stayed popular throughout the years – that and of course, their value and the investment of owning diamonds.

Ever heard the old saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, now those girls don’t have to idly wait for a man to gift them their best friend! Instead, those girls are going out and buying diamonds themselves, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Women are buying diamonds themselves because then they can choose exactly what they want, from the size to the shape, and everything in between. The freedom of buying diamonds yourself really gives the experience an individualized taste you miss when it’s a gift.

Additionally, maybe women are buying diamonds not just for themselves, but for others as gifts as well. This is a recent trend, and why shouldn’t it be. With women working and creating incomes for themselves, it stands to reason that they would then begin shopping more ‘like men’ and in this case, that includes buying diamonds, getting diamonds and giving diamonds.

Why You Should Be Buying Diamonds, Too

Does this mean that diamonds are becoming more common? If both men and women are buying diamonds now, is there some increase in them? Will their value go down?

No, no, don’t you worry! The rock on your finger is still worth just as much, and diamonds are still rare and therefore a great investment. They are being bought more often in general, but also more often by women. This means now is actually a great time to be buying diamonds as sales and specials are constantly changing to bring in more ‘first-time’ buyers.

So, if you have a diamond that you aren’t in love with, join the revolution, and begin buying diamonds yourself. You can choose exactly the kind you like, in the style and setting that best speaks to your personal style.

Can’t find the perfect one? Try a custom piece, because there’s no going wrong when buying diamonds yourself. Have fun with it, enjoy the journey, and if it’s your first-time buying diamonds, ask us! We love showing off our beautiful diamonds and custom pieces like the proud parents we are.

Need Some Help Buying Diamonds?

It can be tricky knowing exactly what you want, and with the power of buying diamonds yourself, comes the responsibility of buying diamonds yourself too. But have no fear, Village Jewelers is here to make buying diamonds fun again!

Come visit and see all that we have to offer or give us a call and tell us what you have in mind. We can meet and discuss a custom piece because your diamond deserves a setting as unique as it is.

We can’t wait to see you!