The stone on your ring is held in place by tiny pieces of metal, the prongs. These get worn down over time. Wedding rings are more susceptible to this than other rings due to frequent use, but it can happen to any ring with a prong setting.

When that happens, you need to get your ring retipped. Retipping is when a jeweler mends the prongs on your ring, and it’s one of the most common jewelry shop services.

When To Get Your Ring Retipped

People often make the mistake of not getting their rings repaired before they break. Ideally, you should take your ring to a jewelry store to get it inspected and cleaned at least twice a year. Some signs that your ring has long needed to be retipped are loose or thin prongs or a prong that snags.

Prongs tend to weaken at the same time, so if you notice that one is worn down, it’s worth getting all of them checked and retipped. Also, if you only get a few prongs retipped, it will look uneven and awkward.

It’s advisable to get your ring retipped every 5-10 years. Five to 10 years is a long time, yes, but don’t let the length of time make you forget that your ring needs to be repaired.

Why Get Your Ring Retipped

Prongs take a lot of stress for such tiny pieces of metal. If the prongs snag on clothes and hair, that means they’re raised instead of being flush against the gemstone. This can cause them to snap off as they catch on something, possibly causing you to lose your gemstone.

Even disregarding the cost of the gemstone, wedding rings or rings passed down as heirlooms carry a lot more than monetary value. That isn’t something you want to lose, so get your ring retipped.

How is Retipping Done?

When retipping, the jeweler reinforces the prongs by attaching pieces of metal to them and filing them down. Sometimes, a ring could be missing prongs entirely rather than simply being worn down. In that case, the prongs will need to be rebuilt rather than retipped.

Will Retipping Change How Your Ring Looks?

Whether retipping changes how your ring looks and by how much depends on your ring’s condition. But for the most part, retipping only changes the prongs.

However, prongs are just one of the settings a ring can use. Other settings might need modifications to repair, possibly giving the ring a different look.

How Much Does Retipping Cost?

Retipping usually costs around $10-25 per prong, but it will cost more if the whole prong has to be rebuilt. If the gemstone is unable to withstand the heat caused by retipping, the jeweler might have to remove the gem, retip the ring, then set the stone back in, further adding to costs.

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