Couture designers say that jewelry is more than mere decoration but a show of femininity; when someone buys fine jewelry and puts it on, the gems build a character. 

A good example is Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring. It reminds us of Princess Diana and her eternal casual elegance every time we see it. 

To maintain the character you once gave to your ring, you must care for it adequately, or it will lose its sparkle. 

Here we gathered all the information you need to clean and care for your fine jewelry.

Adopt a Daily Cleaning Routine

If you plan to wear your fine jewelry, make sure to put on the jewelry last. That is after applying lotion, perfume, body spray, or other face or hair products. 

Then when you take it off, wipe your jewelry with a soft and clean cloth to remove any dirt, oil, sweat, or perfume particles caught while wearing them. Store them separately and wrap them neatly in a linen cloth to prevent scratches.

Avoid Wearing Your Fine Jewelry During Physical Activities

To preserve the longevity of the jewelry, never wear them during physical activities that include sweating. Sweat collects dust, making your jewelry piece dirty.

In addition, cleaning products, regardless of how potent or mild, severely damage the jewelry. It’s better to keep them away and neatly stored. Finally, you should keep your jewelry away from pools because chlorine or jacuzzis can impact the quality of the gems.

Best Tips for Routine Cleaning

First and foremost, always read and follow the instructions in the jewelry box. If there are any specific instructions on what items you must stay away from, please follow them. Otherwise, the following rules apply to any fine jewelry item.

Essentially, you must store jewels in a non-humid and clean spot. When you want to clean them at home, you have to use a soft cloth or brush. Don’t use sharp and hard objects or instruments that might cause scratches.

Diamonds require a different cleaning treatment. You can use a soft damp brush or a mild dish detergent. Once finished, rinse under running water until entirely clean. 

Before storing the jewels in the box, ensure the jewelry is fully dry. Wrap it in a linen cloth and close the box. If you have doubts about any of the chemicals in the detergent, put them away until you’re sure they won’t cause any damage.

Best Tips to Enhance Longevity

If you want to turn your favorite jewelry into an heirloom, you must persistently stick to the abovementioned cleaning routine until it becomes a habit.

Nonetheless, every piece of jewelry wears out its sparkle over time. Therefore, every 24 months, you must schedule a professional cleaning and fixing appointment at the store where you bought the products. 

Sometimes, your piece might require re–pleating or polishing to preserve the original shape and shine of the jewels. Colored gemstones or diamonds must not undergo any temperature shocks to avoid discoloration.


If you just got your first piece of fine jewelry, it’s completely normal to feel a bit lost. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the solution.

Here at Village Jewelers, we perform the latest ultra-professional cleaning techniques to preserve the pristine look of the jewels and support the heirloom. And if you ever grow bored of your old diamond necklace, our expertise includes custom-made jewelry to capture your personality perfectly. 

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