In February of 2021, the total amount spent at retail jewelry stores in the United States was 3.42 billion dollars — in just one month!

Jewels represent elegance and sophistication, and everyone can appreciate their beauty. That’s why you should always be careful when getting an appraisal on your fine jewelry pieces.

Keep reading to learn how to always get an accurate appraisal for your jewelry!

Find a Qualified Appraiser

Knowing what kind of jewelry you have can be helpful when considering an appraisal. However, all experienced jewelry appraisers should have the knowledge and training to give your valuables an accurate assessment.

Different types of jewelry require different kinds of experts, so here are some possibilities:

  • Antique or Vintage Jewelry Appraiser
  • Gemologist Appraiser

Cost of Appraisal

Because most appraisers operate independently, there is no uniform cost. 

An appraiser’s pricing structure depends on factors like:

  • Size and weight of the piece
  • Whether the piece includes a significant gem or diamond
  • The jeweler’s expertise
  • A flat payment
  • The jeweler’s rate per hour of work. 

It is never advisable to hire an appraiser who charges a flat price regardless of the item’s value.

Fine Jewelry Treatment Information

The United States Federal Trade Commission mandates that any treatment used to enhance the jewelry’s appearance — other than cutting and polishing — should be noted on the appraisal. Some standard therapy methods are heating, bleaching, dying, and fixing fractures or cavities.

Original paperwork can help determine whether a piece of jewelry has been treated or not. 

Always Set a Base Price or Replacement Value for your Jewelry

In order to avoid misunderstandings about theft or damage, jewelry appraisers often conduct assessments in the presence of the owners. But accommodating everyone’s busy schedules isn’t always convenient. 

During the appraisal, fill out an intake form with the piece’s fundamental replacement value and description. If your jewelry is lost or destroyed during the assessment process, this paper shows the value you and the appraiser agreed upon.

Check for Hidden Damages to Your Piece

Your fine jewelry is vulnerable to age-related problems and normal wear and tear. Even if you’ve taken the best care of your jewelry and only worn it on special occasions, it might still receive some damage over time.

A broken clasp, loose setting, and other minor issues are also possible with jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry frequently and keeping it in a safe container can keep these issues at bay.

The Best Place to Get Your Fine Jewelry Appraised

Many businesses offer jewelry assessment services, but only some of them have earned customers’ trust. Before attempting to value any pieces, educate yourself about the jewelry appraisal process.

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