Whether for earrings, rings, or necklaces, fine jewelry trends are always changing, and that’s why we love them! And with our decades of experience in bringing fine, custom jewelry to Frisco, we know you will love your finished piece, no matter the trend or style.

Whether you are looking for one large stone or a multitude, emeralds, multi-colored metals, diamonds, or colorful gemstones, our custom jewelry experts can create the perfect fine and unique piece for you. Or, if you need inspiration beyond this blog post, come visit us and look at our wide selection of gemstones, loose diamonds, settings, and finished fine jewelry pieces in our Frisco showroom.


Frisco Jewelry Trends


Engagement Rings in Rose Gold


Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to choose between white or yellow gold for your engagement ring, band, or set, or that there is ‘one gold’ that is superior to the others. Though yellow gold is the most natural, we believe that all gold rings are beautiful and whatever color you feel most drawn to is the best option for you.

And if you don’t love rose gold in 10, 15, or 20 years? You can easily reset your diamond in a different metal color. Your tastes may change regarding color, style, or size too. Whatever you like now or in the future, we can accommodate.

So, if you like the unique and elegant style of rose gold, then we recommend you follow your gut!


Vibrant & Autumnal Jewelry this Fall


Fall is known for change and beauty, plus color and variation. And if you are going to be choosing an autumnal piece, you want it to be unique, possibly custom, and certainly quality.

Leaves, branches, and arbor-themed custom jewelry are huge this year! And we at Village Jewelers love these trends. And starting with the obvious – leaves, orange-colors, and tree trends often come with the cooler weather of fall, but many can be used all year, especially if your preferred color palette is warmer, with orange tones and hues.

Sometimes, the ‘obvious’ is just fine, as not all trends need to be subtle, especially when dealing with a bright and bold season like fall. Of course, leaf-themed jewelry is popular in the spring as well, with greener tones and often silver as the predominant metal instead of gold.


Big, Bold Color & Glass Pieces


Not all custom jewelry trends need to have gold, diamonds, or rubies. In fact, a high trend this season is using colored cut glass or ceramic baubles to achieve the eclectic look you want.

Creating a statement piece from brighter colors or more unique materials is a great way to have a conversation starter. And of course, being able to mention that it’s a custom piece from your local Village Jewelers in Frisco helps, too. Often larger pieces are a great conversation starter, which makes this trend great for parties and social events coming up at the end of the year (whether in person or online and remote).

Don’t be afraid to have some fun and make some daring moves with your current fine jewelry trends and custom jewelry in Frisco. After all, it’s all about your style, preferences in colors, size, stone, and function.

Learn more about common trends this season here! Or, see our gallery of fine custom jewelry in Frisco here!


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