Almost all of our clients have a favorite piece of jewelry, whether that is a ring, watch, necklace, or pair of earrings. But especially for those favorite pieces, constant wear can lead to that favorite piece of jewelry or watch becoming damaged, dull, or even broken!

You don’t have to retire the piece if this happens though. Instead, bring in your beloved item to Village Jewelers in Frisco where we can repair your fine jewelry, your custom piece, or your heirloom watch in-house!

Fine Jewelry & Watch Repair for Over 30 Years!

We have been serving the Frisco and greater Dallas community for over 30 years, so you can trust us, our quality, and our history! We have been your local, family-owned jeweler, offering you the best selections, prices, custom jewelry, and repairs for decades – and we expect to continue for decades to come.

“We will handle your jewelry and watches with care. And because we have been working with fine jewelry and watches for over three decades, we have the experience and expertise that your sentimental or expensive pieces deserve.”

One of our many specialties is breathing life into your old, dull, broken, or tarnished jewelry to make it look brand new. We offer full-service jewelry repair for everything from rings and bracelets to necklaces and watches.

Our Watch Repair

If custom jewelry is the first thing our community thinks of when they hear Village Jewelers, then watch repair should be the second.

Watch repairs are becoming less common due to the decline in watch sales, and because they are becoming less common, they are becoming less accessible.

This means many people don’t know who to turn to when their watch starts to fail and might even try to fix the issue themselves!

We do not recommend DIY watch repair, as you could permanently damage or break your watch! And while for some this might not matter, many watches have sentimental value.

Watch repairs commonly include:

  • Replacing old batteries
  • Ordering new parts
  • Fixing bands
  • Performing crystal replacements
  • Movement repairs

Where Can You Find Local, Professional Watch & Jewelry Repair?

Village Jewelers, of course!

We have the experience and the expertise your timeless timepieces and fine jewelry deserve, as well as the facilities and tools.

Did you know that jewelry and watch repair shops will often send your piece offsite to another location to work on it? But the more it is moved around, the more likely something could happen to it or it could even become lost!

Instead of sending your item all around town, we do everything in-house, plus, we explain everything we are going to do and why and how!

Better before, better during, and better aftercare makes us a top choice for your jewelry or watch repair needs!

Do You Need Watch or Jewelry Repairs in Frisco, TX? Village Jewelers Can Help!

Village Jewelers love working with watches both old and new, and custom, fine, or heirloom jewelry too! We love the story that each has, and we love helping to keep that story going strong!

So if you have a sentimental piece that needs some serious TLC, or even something fixed, then contact Village Jewelers. We are here to help!

Visit us or contact our store today!