Almost all of our clients have a favorite piece of jewelry, whether that be sentimental, extravagant, or simply because they love how it looks.

For some that piece may be their wedding bands, a necklace they wear daily, or a fine watch that never leaves their wrist. But constant wear can lead to your favorite jewelry becoming damaged or even broken.

Luckily, Village Jewelers in Frisco can quickly and with quality repair your fine jewelry, and all in-house!

Maybe a clasp has broken on a bracelet or necklace, or your favorite ring has become thin and worn, or maybe a stone is loose or has even fallen out. Regardless of the issues or damage your jewelry has, Village Jewelers has the experience and skills to make it just like new (and sometimes even better).

Our History | The Best Fine Jewelry Repair for Over 30 Years

If you are searching for fine jewelry repair in your area, then stop into the single location of Village Jewelers to learn more about our in-house jewelry repairs, or, check out our website for more information.

We have been serving your community for over 30 years in multiple locations, however, we now hold a single location for all of your needs, so that we can be your local, family-owned jeweler, offering you the best selections, prices, custom jewelry, and repairs.

We specialize in breathing life back into your old, tarnished jewelry to make it work (and look) new again! We offer full-service jewelry repair in-house, so you can rest easy knowing that your jewelry will never leave the building or be send away for work.

Instead, we will handle your jewelry with the utmost care. And because we have been working with fine jewelry for over three decades, we have the experience and expertise that your sentimental and expensive pieces deserve.

Remember, jewelry sparkles the brightest when it is clean.

Too many people wear their jewelry every single day without even thinking about cleaning it. That’s a lot of wear-and-tear! Bring your jewelry to Village Jewelers for us to clean and check and leave with a piece that looks ten years younger. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Common Jewelry Repairs from Village Jewelers in Frisco Include:


We will happily size your rings, or other jewelry pieces, because though our jewelry might stand the test of time – sometimes our sizes don’t.

We size for both men and women with yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, and platinum.


definition of shanking for jewelry repair
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FingerFit, SuperFit, and Inside Shank Beads are available at Village Jewelers. Whether you want to change the shanking for appearance, size, or comfort, we are able to meet your needs with our jewelry repair specialists.

Ring Soldering:

We are able to solder sterling silver, gold, and platinum, either for breaks or for soldering multiple rings together.

So, do not worry if a ring snaps, or if you are tired of spinning your rings to stay in the right position. We can quickly and with quality solder it for repairs or solder them together.


If you would like a new finish put onto your ring or jewelry, look no further, as Village Jewelers can use Florentine, Sandblast, Satin Finishes, and Rhodium Plating to make your piece look like new again.

Prong & Tip Work:

If any of your prongs need repairs or replacements, we can easily accommodate, usually on the same day! Our prong and tip work include V-Prongs as well as Stone Head Replacements if needed.

Stone Setting:

This is often the scariest repair, but you have no need for anxiety at Village Jewelers, instead simply bring your piece into our store and we will discuss all options with you.

From Prong Settings, Channel Settings, Bezel Settings, Pave Settings, Bead Settings, even Invisible Settings – we are here to make sure your precious stones are held correctly and safely.

Stone Tightening & Replacements:

We can work with all cuts and stones. Rounds, marquise, princess, and other fancy cuts, no style is beyond our experience or skill.

We will take the greatest care with each and every stone you bring in, making sure it stays securely in place, so you never have to worry about losing a diamond again.

But, if you’ve already lost a stone, don’t worry – we have a huge selection of diamonds and will work with you to find the perfect replacement. Look at our Diamond Buying Guide for more information before you stop in.

Chain Repair:

Whether the chain has snapped, rusted, or pulled open, we are able to repair it. We have worked with soldering breaks, clasp repairs, adding or removing links, creating links, as well as charm additions.

Sometimes your classic piece needs a little updating, and we are happy to help merge your fine jewelry with your lifestyle, whether that requires a stronger clasp, longer or shorter chain, or other additions.

Pearl & Bead Restringing:

We can work with knotted as well as unknotted. Our pearl work often includes graduated strands, sorting, or multiple-strand pieces.

If you lost a few beads or pearls during the break, talk to our knowledgeable staff about replacements or other options – there isn’t a necklace we can’t fix!

Miscellaneous Sterling Silver Repairs:

We don’t just work with gold and platinum either!

Whether you have a warped sterling silver rings or a tarnished chain, even ID or medical alert bracelets, we can make them look like the day you bought them with our cleaning, reshaping, and buffing services.

Custom Engraving:

If you have a message or sentiment you would like to engrave inside a ring or other memorable gift, we are able to accommodate. Simply talk to one of our staff about length, size, and more.

Often engravings can be done the same day, if not within the same week.

Watch Repair:

If custom jewelry is the first thing our community thinks of when they hear our name, then watch repair is the second.

We can replace batteries, fix bands, perform crystal replacements and even movement repairs on almost all watches. Sometimes parts will need to be ordered, or special accommodations made, however, for simple repairs and battery replacements we are often finished within one day.

Restoration Services:

All jewelry needs some TLC sometimes, and Village Jewelers is happy to provide any restoration services needed for your sentimental or heirloom pieces.

Please bring your item into our store so we can give you an accurate quote and timeline for repairs, restoration, and cleaning figures depending on your needs.

Diamond & Gemstone Polishing & Re-cutting:

If a simple cleaning just won’t do, then bring in your gemstones and diamonds for polishing or even re-cutting, to make them sparkle like never before.

Look to Village Jewelers for All Your Jewelry Repair Needs in the DFW Area!

Call or visit us to get personalized quotes and timeframes for your jewelry repair needs. We are conveniently located in Frisco, just outside of Dallas.