Men’s jewelry has boomed in the past two years, reaching a peak in 2022. With many celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles flaunting jewels on the red carpet, and the increase of men’s jewelry on runways in Milan and NYC, men’s jewelry is experiencing a trend unlike any before.

Village Jewelers have also seen increased interest in men’s custom jewelry. Despite the significant market for women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry doesn’t have as much competition due to less demand. But now that there is a rise in demand for men’s jewelry, more people are looking into it.

Clients requesting custom jewelry for the men in their lives sometimes have trouble deciding what would be most appropriate. Men’s jewelry’s aesthetics and characteristics differ from what women typically look for. Consider the following factors when creating custom jewelry for men.

Understand the Significance of Specific Metals

Gold, for example, is a symbol of confidence in men’s jewelry. However, too much yellow gold may get considered tacky or overstated. Keep the ostentatiousness to a minimum and choose yellow gold only for single pieces such as a ring or jeweled cuffs.

Sterling silver is very versatile by comparison. It’s wearable for a variety of events and outfits. Still, remember that when choosing jewelry for men, you don’t want to give them too much, or it would look too ostentatious.

Minimalism is Prized

Whereas women’s jewelry involves numerous fine details and features, most men’s jewelry is minimalist and understated. Matte finishes, some sheen, and a few stones are enough. 

Depending on the event they would wear this jewelry for, there is such as thing as too much sparkle, so minimize the use of stones. As much as possible, opt for natural gemstones and do not focus too much on fine diamonds with high brilliance.

Avoid Heavy or Chunky Chains

Although heavy chains had their heyday back in the 1990s to early 2010s, they are no longer en vogue for many men’s jewelry. Men’s jewelry continues to prize the use of metals above stones and other additions, but too much metal is also seen as tacky.

Furthermore, they won’t be as wearable, as heavy chains are considered more casual and event-wear than pieces worn daily to work or other occasions.

Use Geometric Shapes for Pendants If Necessary

Women enjoy various florals, charms, and other figures for their pendants, but men’s jewelry is often focused on geometrics or fractal shapes. Crosses, dog tags, and other shapes make excellent pendants for them, and these can come in a variety of designs.

If you’re adding a charm or a tag to a bracelet, keep this in mind. Often bracelets are chains or appear like tennis bracelets. There won’t be much room for a charm or an ornament there, so leave it out.

Mix the Metals

Because yellow gold can be too flashy in high amounts, mixing styles with different metals is recommended. If you’re designing a piece of jewelry for men, combine white gold and yellow gold to create depth. This makes the piece more wearable and flexible on various occasions. 

Furthermore, it ensures that the jewelry pairs well with different outfits. They won’t clash with varying outfit styles and colors if the metals are varied. 

Ask Your Fine Jeweler for Guidance

The best way to ensure that you’re getting an appropriate style for men’s jewelry is by consulting with experts. Jewelers will know the current trends for men’s pieces and can give you great ideas on how to customize jewelry for someone special.


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