Deciding to marry your partner should not take too much time. If you love each other and look forward to spending life together, there is no reason to delay the engagement.

However, it doesn’t mean you should rush shopping for an engagement ring. Picking the best jewelry piece that will adorn the hand of your loved one should be a project. Learn a few tips from experts in this blog.

Choose One Ring to Rule Them All

We’re not talking about the powerful ring of LOTR here; it only means that the engagement ring you’ll pick should rule over all other options. If you think they prefer a non-traditional engagement ring, ditch the conventional diamond and go for a unique, distinctive piece that reflects their style and can outlive periodic trends. Think outside the box and let a talented jeweler carry out the custom design.

Your Engagement Ring Should Complement Your Wedding Band

Think of your wedding band before you go crazy over engagement ring shopping. Too much attention is given to the engagement ring that the wedding ring is often forgotten. Your wedding band is the main ring. Do you have an idea of how you want it to look? If you and your partner plan to wear both jewelry, the engagement ring you will pick should fit well with your wedding band.

Choose Your Metal Wisely

Rings and bands are usually made of the same metal: gold, silver, white gold, platinum, and recently, rose gold. While they all look similar, their feature differences will help you determine the right metal for your ring.

Yellow gold (gold + copper), white gold (gold + zinc, nickel, or palladium), and rose gold (same content as white gold, but with less nickel and palladium) with the same karats have the same amount of gold. One is not better than the other, so choosing boils down to your preference. Platinum and silver look the same but platinum is more expensive, denser, and rarer.

Get the Correct Engagement Ring Measurement Ahead of Time

Don’t rely on memory to give your partner’s finger measurement to the jeweler. There are ways to get your ring measurement so the ring would fit comfortably on your fingers. The DIY way is to wrap a piece of paper around your finger, cut it, and place it against a tape measure. Or you can bring the paper to the jewelry store and measure it against existing bands. The best way, of course, is to shop for rings together or discreetly ask his/her size.

Don’t Hunt for the Perfect Stone

If you’re opting for a diamond ring, don’t base your choice on the 4 Cs alone (cut, clarity, color, carat) or the grade given by the Gemological Institute of America. You can start there, but choose the one that gives you special happiness. It doesn’t have to be the perfect stone, just perfect for you.

The Size of the Stone Only Matters If It Matters to You

Some married-to-bes want to flaunt a large diamond. Others focus on clarity and color. The price of the gem will depend on these characteristics. Before shopping for your ring, you and your partner should decide on the carat size, setting, and shape of the diamond. If you’re going for a larger gem, you might have to forego purity and color, and vice versa.

After determining the stone, don’t put off deciding what to put around it. Wedding stylist Cynthia Smith had her engagement ring designed by her best friend. Her friend’s advice is to look at the center stone as artwork, while the setting is its frame. Everything should come together like a masterpiece that manifests the person’s style.

Of Course, Buy Certified Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring

Not all diamond certifications are genuine, according to diamond expert Ira Weissman. Some diamond grades are inflated to build attraction around the gem. Buy a certified stone from a GIA-accredited laboratory, such as the American Gem Society. Once you have the certificate, make sure it matches the diamond you’re purchasing, including its imperfections. Diamonds are also laser-inscribed.

Work with a Local Jeweler Directly, Like Village Jewelers of Frisco

A custom-made engagement ring that factors in all the details your partner loves can truly cap the moment of proposal. Don’t leave your customizing plans with a jewelry distributor or shop. Work with a jeweler directly.

When you’re on the verge of starting a new chapter of your life with your partner, don’t leave things to chance. Village Jewelers can help you create an engagement ring that will set the pace of your happy married life. We sell directly to the public and provide custom designs, manufacturing, repair, and watch battery replacement services. Contact us today!