Trust your local Village Jewelers when we say the excitement and delight of getting and giving beautiful rings to celebrate your relationship doesn’t need to end with your wedding!

Anniversary bands are as varied as wedding sets and can be worn in a plethora of versatile ways! But just like your wedding set, it takes a thoughtful process to choose the right anniversary band, so that it complements your wedding rings, instead of takes away from them.

But where do you even start? With so much inventory out there and so many styles and cuts and carats to choose from, the task can seem daunting. That’s why Village Jewelers is here to help you choose the perfect anniversary band for your wedding set.

Check out our guide below and see how easily you can choose a shining, new anniversary band to complement your existing wedding set!

Things to Consider with an Anniversary Band

There are four main starting points you should consider when looking for a complementary anniversary band for your wedding set. Remember them easily with the ‘MUCH’ acronym!

M for metal type, U for unique qualities or specializations like inscriptions or diamonds, C for color of the stones, gems or diamonds, and H for how you will where your anniversary band. Will it replace part or all of your wedding set? Be on a different finger or hand altogether?

These are all great questions to consider when it comes to complementing your wedding set with a new anniversary band!

M: What Metal do You Want for Your Anniversary Band?

There are always new trends as well as classic choices when it comes to metal colors, types, strengths and shine. There are also traditions associated with different number anniversaries, such as gold for your 50th or silver for your 25th.

Whether you want your anniversary band to match your current wedding set or have it stand out with a mix of metals or go with the classic tradition for the number of years you’ve been together, you need to consider what aesthetic you would like before heading out on the anniversary ring hunt!

U: Will You Want a Unique Band?

No matter your style or budget, an anniversary band is a re-commitment of love, a symbol of the time you’ve spent together and what is still yet to come. Celebrate it with a custom piece if the cookie-cutter styles you’ve seen in stores or online haven’t been the right fit. Your story is unique, your ring should be too!

Maybe you want your anniversary band to be personalized with an inscription or you have a specific style that would complement your wedding set. Getting a custom or unique piece can add even more meaning to your anniversary band.

C: What Color Gem Do You Want on Your Anniversary Band?

Like your metal, gemstones come in many rich colors and have traditional meanings associated, and not just for birthstones. From garnets for the 2nd to onyx for the 7th, there is more behind a color than simply choosing your favorite – though of course that’s always a fine decision-maker as well!

Any gemstone can make a beautiful anniversary band, but it takes care and a deep knowledge of the gift’s new owner to make it truly special. But that’s what makes anniversary bands such a beautiful gesture, showing in a tangible way how well you know each other after all these years.

H: How Will Your Anniversary Band Be Worn?

The beauty of an anniversary band comes from its versatility, as there is no ‘correct’ finger for it! You can have one that stacks with your existing wedding set, or get one for a different hand or finger altogether.

However, this freedom comes with a price, not a traditional price tag but instead more options and more decisions! Lucky, there is no wrong answer and how and where you wear your new anniversary band is completely up to you and your taste.

Are You Ready to Find Your Anniversary Band?

Are you ready to take the plunge…again? Then contact us at Village Jewelers for ideas, inspiration and custom pieces for your next anniversary band.

We can help find the perfect anniversary band to complement your wedding set, or even outshine it. Come see our shining and twinkling collection today!