The oldest discovered jewelry item dates back around 25,000 years ago — a delicate necklace crafted from fish bones. Jewelry styles have modernized a lot since then, and we’ve learned to use various unique materials to create gorgeous pieces.

But despite your jewelry’s appearance, there is no such thing as eternal perfection. Even if you take the utmost care of your jewelry, it still runs the risk of breaking and needing repair.

This article discusses some of the most frequent jewelry repairs we see at Village Jewelers and how our pros can make your piece look as good as new!

Ring Resizing

A ring can quickly become stuck if your finger expands for any reason, whether from illness or injury. If your piece no longer fits, jewelers can resize it to whatever necessary measurements, whether it’s too small or too big.

When a ring is too big, they first widen it by cutting the bottom and inserting an additional piece of metal; they then fuse it with soldering tools. If a ring is too big, they will cut a small piece out of the bottom, then fuse the open metal back together.

After thoroughly polishing to remove imperfections, your newly sized piece will be ready for wear!

Removing and Replacing Stones

A gemstone could also become loose and fall out if you lead a hectic life or hit the jewelry piece with sufficient force. It’s best to have the gem fixed into place by a professional if you notice any movement. 

Assuming the stone is fine, the jeweler will adjust the prongs to their proper place and tighten them. Unfortunately, a jeweler can do very little to fix a broken or damaged gemstone.

Prong Repair

Any jewelry with precious stones must have prongs to secure the stone. But because of their delicacy, prongs are prone to breaking, which can lead to a lost gem. 

Prong re-tipping is where we form a new prong out of metal and melt it into place, restoring the piece to its original condition.

Polishing and Cleaning

Engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry can be maintained and worn longer with routine inspections and cleanings. Gemstones are susceptible to scratching over time, but a reliable jeweler can inspect the piece and perform any necessary repairs.

Lotion and soap residue can also cause jewelry discoloration, but this is a quick fix. Just have your jewelry cleaned and polished — you won’t believe what your piece looks like after getting used to a tarnished, dull appearance.

Quick and Trustworthy Jewelry Repairs

Now that you have a summary of the most common jewelry repairs, it’s time to get your piece back in working order.

Village Jewelers can make any of your fine jewelry pieces look new again. For over three decades, we’ve shared our experience, skill, enthusiasm, and dedication with our Frisco community and the surrounding area.

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