Village Jewelers has been locally owned and operated in the DFW metroplex since 1981. We have the experience of over 35 years to help you find the perfect custom jewelry piece or engagement ring in Frisco, TX.

In 1981, Phillip Samuels opened the first Village Jewelers in Dallas. Our business began with one store, which successfully grew into a chain of six locations operating in the DFW metroplex. After over 30 years in business, Phillip and his family decided to be a small family business again.

Above all, they wanted a single location to give even better discounts to their customers. In addition, they wanted to provide better service to their community and a more personal touch to all who walked through their doors. Phillip decided to close down all branch locations and work out their headquarters near the Galleria Mall in Frisco, TX.

Online shopping may be popular for many items, as Amazon’s third quarter of 2020 generated over 96 billion dollars in sales. However, for fine jewelry, many still want to see it in person, inspect quality, and feel it in their hands before they buy such a pricy item.

Why Shop Locally & In-Store?

The main benefit of online shopping is convenience, but for high-end, fine items, you probably want to try it on and see how it shines in person!

Customer Care & Custom Jewelry

Online stores are all about perceived convenience, but our team is all about proper customer care and service! When looking for a fine jewelry piece or a custom jewelry piece, you should be getting the highest level of customer service and creative ideas that help you find or create the perfect piece.

See the Jewelry First-Hand

It can be hard to truly know the size, shimmer, and quality of items like jewelry online, and even reviews can be misleading nowadays. That is why we recommend coming in-store to see the actual quality of diamonds, gems, and metals before you buy.

Feel It On Your Hand

Beyond quality, feeling the jewelry is another way to ensure you like it, want it, and it meets your expectations and style. Even if a picture is accurate, you will not truly know how you feel about the item until you try it on in real life. Come in and try on our items today!

Visit Village Jewelers Today!

By visiting Village Jewelers in person, you can speak to our jewelers, creators, and friendly staff. Plus, we treat our customers like family – all with the highest quality and customer service in the DFW area!

Visiting your local, fine jewelry store can give you a better experience, a far better idea of your item’s quality, and more options and creativity! Because of lower overhead and a more client-centric feel, Village Jewelers can offer you the best value in the state of Texas.

We are still family-owned and selling wholesale direct to the public. Because of this, we are your premier jewelry store in Frisco, TX, with a 4.7 star Google review!

Visit us in our only location! Because we know we’ll pleasantly surprise you with our excellent service and a vast selection of engagement rings, loose diamonds, and custom jewelry.