The year 2022 witnessed a surge in the popularity of bold jewelry, and this trend shows no signs of fading away in 2023. There is still a growing demand for vibrant, cheerful, and enjoyable jewelry that uplifts spirits and boosts moods. There is also a renewed fascination with jewelry that carries a sense of purpose, such as custom jewelry designs or indulgent personal items like signet rings or tennis bracelets. 

Additionally, people now embrace buying and wearing jewelry daily rather than reserving it solely for special occasions. They no longer wait for someone to purchase jewelry for them; instead, they buy a piece of jewelry as a personal statement.

Let’s explore the jewelry items experts endorse and anticipate seeing extensively throughout 2023.

1. Drop Earrings

According to Etsy, hoop earrings have experienced a decline in search popularity, while different varieties of drop earrings have seen a notable rise. Dangle drop earrings have surged by 37%, and pearl drop earrings have seen an 11% increase in searches.

The range of drop earrings is vast, from sophisticated designs adorned with crystals and gemstones that gently hang below the earlobe to daring styles that gracefully brush against the shoulders. With such diverse options, there is undoubtedly a perfect pair of drop earrings for everyone.

2. Bold Cuffs

Bold cuffs have significantly impacted the world of jewelry for 2023, as seen on high-profile runways like Givenchy and Tory Burch. Whether you prefer oversized statements or delicate accents, the choice is yours to tailor the look to your style.

3. Flower Chokers

In recent years, chokers have made a remarkable comeback, and flower chokers, in particular, have witnessed a surge in search popularity.

These ’90s-inspired accessories have graced not only the runways but also the necks of celebrities and influencers. Flower chokers are versatile, effortlessly enhancing both casual and formal outfits. You can instantly elevate your ensemble and make a fashionable statement by adorning your neck with a flower choker.

4. Emerald Pieces

Colored stones continue to be popular, with emeralds taking the spotlight as a lasting trend. Instead of traditional diamond studs or a classic tennis bracelet, consider embracing the allure of vibrant emeralds for a bolder choice. The captivating green hue adds a touch of glamor and uniqueness, allowing you to make a statement that stands out from the crowd.

5. Boho Jewelry

Boho jewelry is experiencing a revival, offering a refined and elevated interpretation of the beloved hippie-chic fashion of the past. This updated bohemian aesthetic embraces its free-spirited and down-to-earth roots while infusing it with a contemporary twist inspired by the emerging ‘mermaid core’ trend.

Imagine a delightful fusion of natural elements such as pearls, shells, and stones, delicately entwined with dainty beads and artfully layered alongside sleek metallic touches. The result is a captivating jewelry style that effortlessly captures the essence of nature and modernity, appealing to fashionable and adventurous souls alike.

6. Signet and Pinky Rings

Celebrities to fashion icons have made these rings a staple in their jewelry collections, further amplifying their appeal.

New brands are also emerging, bringing fresh and innovative interpretations to these classic styles. As a result, the market is brimming with various options, allowing individuals to discover and embrace unique variations of signet and pinky rings that perfectly align with their style.

7. Arm Statements

Consumers are shifting their focus back to their arms and wrists, which may have been overlooked during the recent emphasis on “top-dressing.” Etsy has witnessed a remarkable 67% surge in searches for handmade bracelets, indicating a growing demand for unique bangles and cuffs—worn either on the wrist or higher up the arm. 

Furthermore, chain bracelets have seen a 26% increase in searches, while the timeless ’90s favorite, the tennis bracelet, is experiencing a revival with a 16% rise in popularity. This renewed interest in wrist adornments highlights a trend toward embracing unique and classic styles for a well-rounded fashion statement.

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