Village Jewelers has been around for a long time. And this means we know the ins and outs of the industry, the trends, and, of course, true value. And as your premier Frisco jewelry store, we want to pass on our knowledge and expertise to you – our loyal and local customers.

Regardless of if you choose us or if another jeweler gets your business, we want you to be informed and prepared, so you can make the very best decision.

So, we pulled our team together and compiled a list of the 6 questions you should always ask your jeweler.

Sure, six questions are by no means comprehensive, but it is a great starting point, no matter what style, price, or pieces you are looking for.

Because jewelry is all about showing the real you, being unique and true to yourself, and loving how you look.

#1. Do They Really Listen to You?

This should be the first sign of if you want to work with a particular jeweler or jewelry store – do they listen to you, really listen to you?

If you are trying to tell them that you like a certain style or metal or stone, and they keep bringing you items that do not match your wants, then what are you even doing there?

If you tell them you want to stay under a certain budget, and they ignore that parameter, then they are wasting your time, as well as not respecting your wishes.

Make sure your potential jeweler isn’t trying to unload the most expensive item or an overstock item on you just because they can.

Instead, look for a jeweler who will listen to what you say, understand what you want, and show you items that match your desires.

#2. Is the Jewelry Store Well Established?

You don’t want to buy your fine jewelry from a location which might not exist in a few months’ time, nor accept a warranty from a company that is less than reputable.

Instead, do your research before you ever walk through the doors.

Choose a jewelry store in Frisco that has been around, knows the market and people, and can give you real guarantees, information, and knowledge.

After all, your purchase is an investment, make sure it’s protected.

#3. What Services Does the Jeweler Provide?

You should always choose a Frisco jeweler who offers additional services, like repairs, appraisals, cleanings, certifications, custom designs, and more.

This shows that they are both knowledgeable and trained.

It’s also more convenient for you since you can go to one, trusted location to have all of your jewelry needs met, instead of rushing all over town with your jewelry in tow.

#4. Do You Feel Like the Jewelry Store Personnel are Knowledgeable?

This is a perfect follow-up to question #3. You should feel comfortable and informed when you speak with the jewelers at your preferred Frisco jewelry store.

You want to know that the employees you are speaking with know their industry and facts – so you can trust that they are giving you accurate information.

You don’t want any surprises at the register, or even worse, when you’re already home.

 #5. Look Around – How is the Selection?

This is a great way to know about the success, style, and resources of your chosen Frisco jewelry store.

Do they have many options, in many metals, colors, styles, and custom designs? Do they offer sets and new inventory, along with classic pairs and varieties?

You don’t want only cookie-cutter options, or only small selections, instead, let yourself learn what you like best by seeing the vast possibilities – who knows, you might surprise yourself.

6#. What Are the Warranty & Return Policies of the Jewelry Store?

This should always be a question you learn about well before you purchase. And a reputable Frisco jewelry store should disclose their policies with you before you even have to ask.

Warranties and return policies vary by store, which means this could very well be one of your deciding factors when choosing which is right for you.

Maybe you are very gentle on your jewelry and aren’t worries about warranties or complimentary repair services, or maybe you know that daily wear and tear can sometimes cause large issues.

Either way, make sure you have all the information about a jeweler’s policies before you purchase.

#7. Village Jewelers Would Love to Be Your Frisco Jewelry Store!

Village Jewelers has loved being your premier jewelry store for the past 35 years, and we would love to continue that by being your number one Frisco jewelry store.

From our attentive staff and varied services to our great selection and vast expertise, we tick all the boxes and we know we can find (or create) the perfect fine jewelry for you.

We specialize in custom jewelry in DFW, as well as watch and jewelry repair services – meaning, we make it easy for you to have all your jewelry needs met in one beautiful location.

Call or visit us today to see what we can do for you.

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