Just like many areas in your life – from your home to your yard, garage to your car – spring cleaning your jewelry and jewelry box is as essential as any other annual deep clean.

But it can be difficult to know where to start, and who to go to for repairs, replenishment, or cleaning services for your fine jewelry.

Luckily, Village Jewelers takes meticulous care to keep our jewelry collection and each custom jewelry piece sparkling.

We also can repair any broken jewelry that you find in need of a little TLC, as well as clean or shine your favorite, worn pieces until they look like new!

But before you know what should be fixed, cleaned, bought, or sold – you need to start the spring-cleaning process right.

Read on to learn our five-step system when it comes to organizing and caring for your jewelry this season.

#1 Get It All Out in the Open

The first step to a true spring cleaning of your jewelry box is to get it all out of the box. You need to be able to see what you have and organize your items into sets or similar items.

You could organize them according to colors, gems, metals or type. Maybe you have many sets, or maybe many earrings without matching pieces. Perhaps you notice that most of your jewelry is gold or white gold, sterling silver or often holds a certain gemstone.

However you decide to organize your jewelry, just make sure you can see it all at once so you can begin categorizing it for step #2.

#2 Separate the Repairs from the Cleanings

Now that all of your jewelry is splayed out in front of you, you can see which pieces have some broken pieces, clasps, or loose prongs. As well as what watches might have stopped running as smoothly as they should.

Separate these broken jewelry items from the rest – and pack them up for Village Jewelers to look at. We specialize in jewelry and watch repairs and would love to revitalize your collection.

And don’t worry about your precious and sentimental pieces being sent out – we repair all items in-house, in order to keep your jewelry safe in our hands.

After you’ve packed away the pieces that need to be repaired and brought them into your friendly Village Jewelers repair specialists, separate the jewelry that needs to be cleaned. This might be a small number or very large, depending on when you last cleaned your collection.

Make sure you clean everything thoroughly before moving on to step #3, so you can have a more accurate look at what you own.

#3 See What You Don’t Want

After cleaning all of your jewelry, it might be time to get rid of some of the pieces you no longer like, wear, or no longer reflect your style.

After all, that is what spring cleaning is all about, right? Getting rid of the old, so you can bring in the new. And who doesn’t want new jewelry this spring?

Make sure you aren’t choosing what jewelry pieces you no longer want before you’ve given them all a cleaning and a chance. You might see a dull ring or bracelet and think you don’t want it anymore – but with a little time and some effort, it might still shine just as bright as the day you got it!

Additionally, you’ll want any pieces you decide to sell to be in tip-top, sparkling shape so you can get the best price for them.

#4 See What You Don’t Have

After you have decided what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep, it is a great time to look and see what you still need in your collection.

Maybe you are in need of some simple pieces or sets, or maybe you want a custom statement piece.

Whatever you need or do not need is completely up to you, your jewelry style, and how often you wear your pieces. Some individuals like to wear the same few pieces for their day-to-day and only change their pieces for special occasions. Some change their jewelry with their outfits every day.

Regardless of how you wear your jewelry, look at what you might be missing, or might want and then enjoy the fruits of your spring-cleaning labor in step #5!

#5 Replenish, Replenish, Replenish!

This is the end-game for all spring cleaning, and the reward for all your hard work. Out with the old, to make room for the new.

So, if you are looking to replenish your jewelry collection, either to fill some gaps in your jewelry box, create some custom jewelry or statement pieces, or even just see what new styles are coming out this spring, come into Village Jewelers.

We guarantee we have something that will meet your needs and preferences, and if we do not – we can create your dream piece. Because the only areas we specialize in more than jewelry and watch repairs, are custom jewelry designs and creation.

Call or browse our assortment today!