Fine Jewelry is a great way to show your love, admiration or appreciation to the ones who have always been there for you. And now is the perfect season to find a fine jewelry present for mom and dad! But if you need some help with the what then search no further, Village Jewelers has all the styles, sets and custom fine jewelry you’ll need to make your next gift one to bring home to the family!

Let Village Jewelers help you brainstorm your next shining present with these beautiful and unique ideas! There’s an option for every parent’s style, even options that will grow with them, and the family!

Make it Personal in a Plethora of Ways

Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be cold just because its metal, and nothing warms a gift more than a personal touch. This can be done by engraving or monograms, any extra sentiment to let your mom and dad know that thought was put into their gift.

From a date, special message or quote, to their initials being a part of the design, there are so many ways to make your gift one of a kind! And with Village Jewelers’ custom jewelry, personal touches are easily attainable. If you can picture it, we can create it!

Showcase Your Creativity with Stackables

If you have an eye for design or a parent with a hard-to-match style, try stackable fine jewelry, as it is both versatile and creative! Stackables are a great way to ensure your gift gets its time to shine (instead of tarnishing in the jewelry box) even if mom and dad often change out their jewelry or style.

You can layer or stack rings, bracelets, even necklaces! This is a great way to show that your heart and head were in the right place and that you know their preferences, whatever they might be!

Begin a Yearly Tradition with an Annual Gift

A yearly gift is a great way to show your appreciation, creativity, and remembrance of a special day! Try adding charms to a bracelet or necklace every year, or even gifting a plain ring or watch with the capability to add gems or diamonds each year.

Have some fun with their fine jewelry and keep it updated as styles and personal preferences change. This is a great tradition that your parents will surely look forward to for years to come!

Celebrate the Whole Family with a Themed Set

There are so many ways to add the whole family into your present to mom and dad; family tree themes, birthstones, even children’s sets! If family is at the core of your parents’ hearts, then add it to their fine jewelry design as well!

Village Jewelers has a huge selection of colorful gemstones for any month of the year, as well as pearl sets your mother will adore!

One Word: Custom

Don’t see anything you (or your parents) fancy? Talk to us about our custom jewelry, to ensure what you give is the only one of its kind! From necklaces or earrings for mom, to watches or rings for dad, when you decide to create a custom piece of jewelry, you are ensuring its unforgettable, irreplaceable and unique, just like they are.

Call, email, or see our selection in person! We look forward to helping you find the perfect fine jewelry gift for mom or dad!