Hot Custom Jewelry Trends to Try in 2018

Clear-cut trends make their rounds in the jewelry category every season.  One look at runway show photos and the Instagram feeds of celebrities reveal just how many styles come and go in the zeitgeist.

Last year, we saw tassel earrings take the fashion department by storm. Gold hoops reminiscent of 80s fashion also made a comeback. In the neck accessories department, meanwhile, chokers were hot items.

This year, we are definitely seeing the same trends; only, jewelry and accessories are getting bigger. From fresh takes on classic jewelry to flotsam and jetsam-turned-accessories, the pieces dominating 2018 will be nothing like the minimalist, dental floss-thin pieces that were ‘big’ in the previous years.

Here are some of the 2018 custom jewelry styles that deserve some room in your jewelry box:

Hardware-Store Fashion

If you have recently looked at a piece of jewelry and thought it’s something you could DIY, well, it’s because you somehow can. This year is about mixed metals, chainlink, and, generally, accessories that give a fresh-off-the-hardware sort of vibe. Chunky and punky accessories, like a large chain necklace, work well in spicing up a laidback hoodie-and-jeans ensemble. Copping this trend could mean skipping the department store and dropping by the nearest Home Depot instead.

Asymmetric, Go Your Own Way Earrings

All of us have experienced losing one earring and saving the other one, in the hopes that its pair will magically reappear. If you have managed to keep your collection of single earrings, here’s some good news: mismatched earrings are dominating the fashion scene this year. From Toga to Chanel, mismatched ear bobs are trending.

Eye-catching pieces in old prints and abstract shapes are all the rage, but if you want a tamer version of this trend, ask your jewelry designer for stud earrings with different stone colors for each ear.

Aesthetic Hodgepodge

British fashion designer Judy Blame popularized the high-low aesthetic, which was present in many runway shows this season. This trend uses humble objects such as cords, ball chains, keys, locks, and even skateboard wheels in place of metals and precious gems. Do you have a knickknack that you hold dear? Now’s the perfect time to turn it into jewelry!

Multiple-Stone Engagement Rings

Going against traditional single-stone engagement rings, Prince Harry chose a three-stone engagement ring to slip on Meghan Markle’s finger, which started a trend among would-be brides.

Behind the classic look, three-stone engagement rings hold a deeper meaning. The middle diamond signifies the present, while the two diamonds on either side represent the past and the future. The three stones may also stand for three values that are essential in a relationship: love, fidelity, and friendship. The symbolism, however, is unique for every couple.

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